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I took some snaps of my room this week to share with you. I've also included photos of some of the artwork we have up at the moment. Enjoy!

I kept the same door design as last year. This isn't actually the door to my classroom, its my office door. But seeing as we don't have a door due to the open plan design, this is our alternative.

I love my reading corner! It's my favourite place in our classroom. I made the bench seat using two white bookshelves turned on their sides. I made the cushions myself and chose a light blue fabric to match the tables. The cushions were $5 each from Ikea. The seat is a great storage solution for our Daily 5 book bags and reading stools.

Where I spend most of my time. I really need to organise my trolly, but it's one of those jobs that always gets put on the back burner for something more important.

I display the learning intentions for the day/week in these frames to remind the children what they need to be focused on. I use the stationary icons as a visual reminder of what they need to do and in what order.

I got this canopy from Ikea and its easily one of my favourite pieces in the room, and it was a super bargain at $15!
The seagulls are a book response to Marc Martin's 'Max'.

The chalkboard signs on the left are our fuzzy rules. They tell use why we get big and small fuzzes, and examples of ways we can lose them. The beehives are our reading groups and the chart above them shows our fortnightly Daily 5 rotations. Our Birthday Bee's really stand out against the black background and my OCD is very thankful for the fact that my 22 students fit together perfectly! The Charlie and Lola flip charts have the boys and girls names on them. They are flipped over every day to reveal the days helper. I find it so much easier to have 2 helpers per day rather than a different helper for everything. I always ran out of time to change them each week and the kids would nag at me to do it, so this is the perfect solution :)

 Our Fruit of the Spirit trees are one of the first things you see when you walk into my classroom. They are bright and bold and are a great way to remind the children of each gift.

This is killing me. Whoever designer our classrooms without enough room for three A3 pages either side of the window needs a good talking to. I looooove 'The Scream' artwork my little wonders created, but it drives me crazy that I can't put them up in an orderly and visually balanced display.

 This little guy blew me away with the effort he put into his drawing. He really thought about the movement in the picture, and how to recreate it himself (and don't you just love the pink spiky hair!).

 Our finger painted gardens turned out to be bright and beautiful! Pegged across the room is the perfect way to display these little master pieces.


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