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Monday, 22 September 2014

What a MASSIVE few weeks!

Hi everyone!!!
I'm back! It seems like so long since I've posted, not because I've had nothing to share, but because I've been a bit ridiculously busy. The last few weeks of term are always hectic and this term was no exception. We made the decision this year to change our annual concert to third term rather than fourth. One of the main reasons was because term four is already INSANE with reports, transition days, clean ups, and everything else. Plus by having our concert earlier, it means we have time for a (more low key) CHRISTMAS CONCERT! Needless to say, I am extreeeeemely excited about this! My favourite time of the year just got better.

The theme for our concert this year was 'Around the World' and the country (or state) allocated to my little wonders was Hawaii. We sang 'Hawiian Rollercoaster Ride', a super cute song that was featured in the Lilo and Stitch movie. They did such an amazing job!
This term also meant our Father's Day breakfast. We were so happy with the turn out. 
It was great to see so many dads at school. We get an incredible amount of help from mums all through the year (which we are extremely thankful for!), so it was nice to have a morning dedicated to the dads who play such an important role in the lives of our little ones. 
I managed to get some gorgeous snaps of my littles ones with their dads :)
As it so happened our Father's Day breakfast fell on the same day as Footy Colours Day. Footy Colours Day is an annual event where children wear the colours of the favourite AFL (or soccer and rugby) team to raise money for children and teens with cancer. The little wonders were also able to order a meat pie (how typically Australian!) and a juice box for lunch. All in all it was a fantastic day!
I was a little sad leading up to the end of this term, because it meant that end of our Space Inquiry unit :( We've had so much fun learning about our solar system and all the planets. I've been amazed at all the information my little wonders have retained. I started to randomly quiz them about the things we had found out so far, and every time I asked a question nearly every hand would shoot up. 
One of the activities we did was to create our own alien. My kids loooove art and jump at any opportunity to be creative. I talked a lot about how to handle and mold air dry clay, like using a little bit of water on your finger to smooth out any lines. Heres a hot tip! Use toothpicks to make the joins a whole lot stronger. They turned out so cute and no two were alike. 
On the topic of art and all things messy. One of our art focuses toward the end of the term was mosaic. Now theres no way I was letting my little wonders loose with tiles and grout, therefor paper mosaics were the next best thing! 
I'll put a photo up soon of how they look when completed (of course I forgot to take one at the time).
Check out how efficient I am! Ha! Snuck down to work on the second day of holidays to do some quick jobs, so took some quick snaps.
Well I hope you've enjoyed a peak into the last few weeks of term. 
I have a HUGE list of things I want to do before school goes back. As well as an assignment I should start and reports I NEED to start. Should be a thrilling few weeks (yeah right).

Happy blogging everyone!
Enjoy your holidays Aussies :)


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