Classroom Inspiration

Sunday, 22 February 2015

What's New?

Thought I'd share a few photos of the new things I've added to my classroom in 2015.
Space themed display at the entrance to our classroom.
 Door display on the back of the lockers...because I don't have a door. Loving Krista Wallden's space themed clipart.
 Monster display for our reading groups.
 I kept the pencil buckets from last year. Best. Find. Ever!
 Name tags for tables. Animal clipart and wallpapers from Krista Wallden.
 I transferred my paint into these large sauce bottles at the end of last year. I'll ever go back! So much easier and less wasted paint.
 We made these kites on orientation day last year. I had them up for the first day of school to make my new kids feel at home in their new classroom.
 Daily classroom helper flip charts. I choose a boy and a girl each day to help me with EVERYTHING. Lights, handing out, line leaders, everything! So much easier than having a different person for each job.
 New fuzzy signs. If you don't know what fuzzes are, head over to Mel's Seusstastic blog, I've been using them for the past 3 years as a behaviour management tool and they are awesome!!
 Book covers guessed it....Krista's clipart. 
 Birthday display from Pink Cat Studio, so super cute!
For the past couple of years I've given out crazy straws for birthdays, but thought I;d change it up this year, for little bags of skittles :) yum yum!

Hope you've enjoyed a little peak into my classroom!