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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Special Delivery from the US!!

I could not wait to get home today to tell you about my very special delivery that came all the way from the United States!

When I got to school this morning I noticed a parcel in my tub. Being an avid online shopper I had to think hard as to wether or not I was expecting anything. When I checked who the sender was I recognised the name right was Deborah Diesen, the author of one of my favourite book series The Pout Pout Fish. 

I opened the package to find a signed copy of 'The Pout Put Fish Goes to School' and a handwritten letter. As I read the letter I began to tear up! Deborah wrote that she had seen my blog post about learning to learn, and how I used the Pout Pout Fish story to get students ready for the school year. 
I honestly cannot explain how amazing it felt to know that she had read my post, and had been so kind to send me my very own copy of this gorgeous book. 
 Inside the book was a beautiful message to me and my students. 
I shared it with them this morning and they were just about as blown away as I was!
 It's nice to finally have a book for our little Pout Pout Fish to sit by :)
 Today was most definitely the highlight of my blogging career.
 Thank you so much Deborah for reading my blog and taking the time to send me this amazing gift, it means so much to me.


  1. That is such an amazing story Zoe, and such a tribute to your amazing blog. I love reading and seeing what you and your sweeties have been up to in the classroom! I am off to order that book!

  2. That is amazing!! How exciting, and I love those books too.

    Jem's Bright Buttons