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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rice bubbles, marshmallows and chocolate, oh my!

Today the little wonders and I made the cutest Easter treat. 
Rice krispie eggs! Wow were they delicious (and sweet)! 

We used the recipe from the Kellogg's website, and were lucky enough to have our fantastic LSO Irene with us to help with the melting of the marshmallows and butter. We mixed the melted ingredients into our rice bubbles to create the stickiest mixture ever known to man. 

I think I had the best job, watching the little wonders try with all their might to get the sticky rice bubbles into their egg mould. Mind you, they were not complaining when rice bubbles got stuck to their hands as there was only one good way to get them off. 

After the longest thirty minutes of their lives, the little wonders' eggs were set enough for for them to eat and boy did they enjoy themselves! 

As an extra chocolaty surprise, we added Cadbury Mini Drops in the centre of the eggs (yummy!).

If you're after a great Easter treat to make with your class or you own kids, they are sure to love this one. 

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