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Monday, 9 June 2014

Goal setting and recording, how do you do it??

Public holiday means one thing... more time to blog and create new products!

As I've mentioned before, my school has begun on the journey toward personalised learning, and this has meant a lot of changes and trial and error. One thing we have been battling with is trying to find an effective and hassle free way of setting, displaying and recording student goals. 

We decided that children would set an English, Maths and Classroom goal, all with teacher input and guidance. Last year we tried displaying our goals in the classroom on a pinboard. This however turned out to be visually unpleasing, messy, and a pain in the...well you know. This year we have been a little slow off the mark to get a goals up and running, but we believe we've found a way to display and record student goals that's going to work for us, and not be a royal pain. 

If you've visited my TPT store you would have seen my Student Learning Profile pack. After conversations with my colleagues (and a stroke of brilliance from one of our foundation teachers) we decided to include extra pages in the profile books to display students English, Maths and Classroom goals. I've added these pages and the Goal Cards to the pack if you're interested in doing the same.
This solution means we aren't creating any extra work for ourselves or the children, and it will be easy for the kids to get their profile books out to refer back to their goals. I will take some pictures of our profile books to show you this week sometime. 

On the topic of goals, I have created a set of Classroom Goal Cards that I plan to use with the little wonders when setting their personal/classroom goals. When beginning the process of goal setting, I think it's important to give the children lots of ideas for goals, before guiding them to choose one they think applies to them. 

 Click on the picture to be taken to my TPT store. 

I'm going to use these cards tomorrow to set our classroom goals. 
Big shout out to Kari Bolt for her super cute clipart! 

I would love to hear how the rest of you display and record student goals in your own classrooms. 

Happy teaching everyone!


  1. We've been working on goal setting at my school too. There isn't a requirement for preps to set goals in the first half of the year, which is nice for me. But the 1/2s display the student goals on student desks. Each student has an A5 plastic pocket sticky taped (neatly by a teacher) to their table. The teacher fills in the A5 sheet with the student goal (we only do writing and reading) and then slips the sheet into the plastic pocket. It can easily be changed out and is right in front of the students at all times.

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. That's a great idea. It's right there for the kids to refer to and won't get ripped and tattered :)