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Friday, 27 June 2014

HOORAY for school holidays!!

What a term! Despite it being 10 weeks long it has gone extremely quick. Having said that, I am still most definitely ready for a break. Now to decide how I'm going to spend my break....Books? Yes! Sleep ins? Yes! Lunch dates? Yes! Shopping? Sadly no :( Saving for a house deposit means no shopping for this little duck. 

What a better way to start off the holidays than with a Doodlebugs linky party!!

 Our profile books are up and running! We dedicate one teacher group session to goal setting every 2 or so weeks depending on how the children are going toward achieving their goals.
I'm looking forward to adding more personal info in our profile books in term 2. 

 As part of our Inquiry unit 'Past and Present Family Life', we made board games based around this topic. The little wonders used the information they have learnt to create challenges and successes for their game. It was great to see them coming up with things like 'Dad built you a wooden rocking horse, move forward two places' and 'Your horse is sick, miss a turn'. They used mini patty pans, clay and paper to create their game pieces. 

I had to show you this one!! It took all I had not to burst out laughing when I saw his flag hehe.
 As all grade 1 and 2 teachers know, losing teeth is a common occurrence in our level, and when a tooth goes missing, we launch a search party! This little guy (who happens to be one of the most animated and happy children I have ever taught) took it upon himself to get some gloves from the office, and search the bin for the apple the other child was eating when he lost his tooth. 
Unfortunately the tooth wasn't retrieved, so the Tooth Fairy was informed by letter, and all was well! 

 Don't you just love monkey bars??
Thank the Lord it wasn't her writing arm!

Thursday was pyjama day at school. It is amazing how calm and relaxed the little wonders are when they are in their pj's. We spend the whole day doing winter themed art and craft, needless to say they absolutely loved it! Now if you work with me you will know that my teaching/blogging/organising inspiration in Maria Manore from Kinder-Craze. She has amazing ideas and beautiful craft activities to brighten up your classroom. 
After getting over my anxiety of using contact paper in the class, I was super excited to have the children do Maria's 'Stained Glass Mitten' craft. I was a little unorganised however, so the little wonders helped me get everything organised. They loved having a part in the set up. 
Here are some of my little wonders cutting up the crepe paper squares for our mittens. How cozy do they look in their onesies! 
I was very relieved when not a single child made a mess of their contact paper.

The mittens look absolutely amazing on our windows and brighten up our winter days. I'm sure you all already follow her but if you don't, do yourself a favour and follow now! 

I hope everyone has a relaxing break!


  1. This is so cute Zoe! I'm so glad you love the mitten project. I forget that it's winter on your side of the world. I also see that you got a new blog design. ADORABLE!

    1. Thanks Maria, the kids loved them! The weather here has been shocking, so they help to brighten up our room :) Huge thanks for your kind words and the mention on your Facebook page.
      Zoe xx

  2. Love the mittens Zoe. I am going to do those this winter with my Kinders. We did kites this spring in the same way, from Maria's idea, and they turned out fantastic. You may want to give them a try when you have your spring time. You've just got to love a Pajama Day, always a favorite in my class. That is so sweet your little guy even looked through the trash for the tooth. Have fun on your break!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. How cute are they! My kids loved them. Will definitely be doing the kites when we get into spring. It's amazing how chilled out the kids are when they are in their pjs, complete opposite to casual dress days.
      He was sooo cute! I'm sure the other children were looking at me funny when I got the camera out, but it was too precious to miss.
      Thanks Laura, I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing :)

      Zoe x

  3. The profile books are intriguing me. What all do you put in them? Thanks.
    P.S. Lovely mittens--we need tank tops these days.

    1. Hi Alyce, They are a learning profile that each child has from prep (kinder) to grade 2.
      They include student interests, drawing, writing and number skills, and classroom, english and math goals. We use my Student Profile Pack as a starting point, which is available in my TPT store.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I don't think I could have contained my laughter at that flag - so funny!
    Growing Little Learners