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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Five for Friday (cough cough Sunday)

It's been a fair few weeks since I've linked up for Doodle Bugs Five for Friday, but I found the time this weekend so here it is :)
What better way to celebrate Spring (you wouldn't know it from the weather) than to make our own flowers! My little wonders had a great time painting, bending and scrunching to make their gorgeous little flowers. 

 How cute are they! They turned out great and brighten up our shared area. 
Huge shout out to Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies for her amazingly cute 'Pout Pout Fish Freebie'. I had never heard of the books until I read her blog post, and it is now one of my favourite picture books! I didn't have the book (it's now on it's was to me thanks to Booktopia) so we watched a read aloud on YouTube. I then played them Gordon True's song that matches the Pout Pout Fish story we read. He has a song for each book on his YouTube channel. I highly recommend you check it out! 

 Jennifer has created gorgeous packs to match a number of favourite picture books. Click here to check out her TPT store. 
As a fun little activity to start off the new term, we had a snowball fight! I hear you saying "but wait Zoe, it doesn't snow in Portland" and you'd be right. I had each child write their favourite holiday experience on a piece of scrap paper and scrunch it up into a ball. Before we had our snowball fight I laid down the law. No throwing at people above the shoulder and no 'piffing' it as hard as you can. They were happy with these rules. They spread themselves out around the room and on the count of three the snowball fight began. Seeing them run around frantically to grab a snowball made me laugh. For such a simple activity they LOVED it. 
When I said freeze they had to grab a snowball and sit on the floor in a circle. They then read out the writing from their paper and had two guesses as to who wrote it. I must say they did quite a good job of matching their classmates with the experiences. I'm going to do this activity at the start of the new school year with a fact about themselves. 
For sooo long I've read blogs that talk about 'Scentos' markers, and for sooo long I've been hunting for them. I was in Kmart during the holidays and came across them for $2 each! I also found an 8 pack of smaller ones for $6 from Target. I was super excited to try them out. I've used them heaps this week, it cracks me up to see the kids smelling their work hehe. I was checking the internet to see if I could find more markers (for cheap) and I found something that made me squeal a little...CHRISTMAS SCENTOS!!!! 
If anyone knows where I can get these online for less that $16 each (sooo expensive Fishpond!) please let me know.
This week we began filming our video for our Canadian Pen Pals. At the start of the week we watched the video they sent us and my kids were so excited! They had a climbing wall, woods and a cafeteria. Needless to say they would very interested in what kind of sweets were served in the cafeteria. Now to edit the video. I've never done it before so wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a great week :)

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  1. I found your blog through the linky. Don't worry about being late, I was even later!! Sounds like your week was really fun, I always forget about the snowball game, I must remember to use it soon!

    Butterflying Through Teaching