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Thursday, 2 October 2014

October - Currently I am...

Another month done and dusted! Can you believe September is over already??
Well October is here, so I say bring on the pumpkins, costumes and candy! Living in Australia, Halloween isn't as big of a deal as it is in America and other countries. But I still like to teach my little ones about the history of the holiday, so I'm looking forward to that :)

A new month equals a new currently! I'm linking up with Farley from 'Oh Boy 4th Grade' to share what I'm upto, so here it is!

Listening - My parents are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow for ten days and have only been allocated 20kg of luggage between then. Cue the awkward struggle to condense two adults luggage into one suitcase with a weight of under 20kg. It won't happen....I predict a call will be made to the airline to increase the luggage allowance. 

Loving - School holidays are essential! It's a much needed break for teacher and students from each other. We all love our kids, and are extremely lucky to be able to spend so much time with them, watching them grow and sharing in their stories and experiences. But toward the end of the term, it is clear that both parties are ready for a break. 
If you're anything like me a chunk of your holidays are spent making all those little improvements to your classroom that you don't get time for during the term. It's also spent thinking up new lessons, better ways to run your day, and trolling teaching blogs for new ideas. This doesn't feel like work to me though, so it's still relaxing and enjoyable :)

Thinking - Uuuuugh term 4....reports. Enough said. I know we all feel the same about this time of the year. Yay for Christmas, Boo for reports. 

Wanting - My friend just posted on Facebook about her recent laser eye surgery. She has worn contacts and glasses her whole life, and now has better than 20:20 vision. Definitely something I want to do. Just need to save for a house first, unless I win the lotto, then I'll be booked in the next day! I don't personally mind the look of glasses, or mind wearing school. But when I want to go shopping or spend the day/night with friends, having rubbish vision is a bit of a bugger. I can still see by all means, but it's definitely not great. 

Needing - I think I've mentioned before that this year (and next) I am studying to gain my Catholic Accreditation. This course is by far the WORST I have EVER undergone. It has zero relevance to actual teaching and is sooo full of theological jargon that it confuses me just to read the assignment titles. I am so lucky that I have other teachers doing it as well or I would be well and truly doomed. 

Trick or Treat - Treat!! I have just uploaded my 'Holiday Themed Writing Templates' and they are currently in my shop for....FREEEEEE! (for a week!) Head on over and grab them now. 

Head over to 'Oh Boy 4th Grade' for more blogger insights :)


  1. Love your blog and your Currently Zoe! I learned a lot of info about you and some insights to your life and you seem like an awesome teacher and person. So glad to meet you...

    Your new friend,
    Cara from Creative Playground

    1. Thanks Cara :) Just read your currently, it's lovely to meet you too!

  2. How did your parents go? Did they end up fitting it all in? Definitely don't start writing reports yet! I always say start around Melbourne Cup Day and you have plenty of time - they are always easier at the end of the year anyway! Enjoy your last few days on holidays!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Haha they got it all in and have gone on their merry way.
      I wouldn't usually start reports yet, but I have an assignment due this term too (which makes me super angry just thinking about it lol), but alas, I didn't start so they will wait a little longer.

      Thanks for reading Alison :)

  3. Totally agree with your 'Loving' and 'Thinking'!! Last day of holidays tomorrow... it's gone so fast! Report writing always seems to come around so quickly!

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. I knoooow! 2 weeks never seems enough, although I do always look forward to seeing my little ones again. Crazy how much you miss them!
      Enjoy your last night of holidays Jem :)