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Thursday, 27 March 2014

My little impressionists!

I was trolling Pinterest the other day (what's new right?) looking for an art lesson using sponging. It was one of those searches that brought up everything BUT what I was looking for.  Nevertheless I persevered and eventually struck gold! I stumbled upon a post that linked back to Mrs Picasso's Art room blog, which is where I found an amazing lesson! 

When I teach art, I usually model for the children what I want them to do, and then let them go off and make the work their own. However this was the first time I guided children step by step through the process and modelled every application. 

Before we began we looked at Monet's painting and watched a short clip on his garden in Giverny. I explained how Monet was an 'impressionist' painter; that the way he painted gave the impression of light and movement. 

 My little wonders LOOOOVE art and they really enjoyed creating this piece of artwork together. Even though we did every single step the same, they still came out unique to each of the darlings that created them. 

Thank you Denise for the fabulous inspiration! 


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