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Friday, 21 March 2014

Harmony Day is here and it's POURING!

Today was Harmony Day in Australia and it was met with the most miserable weather we've had so far this year! I don't think it's stopped raining since I woke up to it at 6.30am. As part of Harmony day we learn about and celebrate all the different cultures we have in our school (which turns out to be HEAPS). In grades 1 and 2 alone we have children from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Philippines, India, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Malta. Which, for being a school in a small country town, is quite diverse!

We began our day with a whole school Liturgy. The children pinned a flag onto a world map, marking the country they or their family come from. 

We organised the day so that the children would rotate to four different rooms to create a craft from four different countries. 

I was SUUUPER excited to be teaching my little ones about Mexico's Day of the Dead. I just LOVE the sugar skull decorations and how the skeletons are put into a fun and happy light. Most of the children had never heard of Dia de los Muertos, so I played a cute animation to get them into the spirit. 

The children then chose a sugar skull pattern and coloured it in to make a mask. It was so satisfying watching them put so much effort into staying in the lines. I purchased the sugar skull colouring book from Thaneeya McArdle.

While they were colouring I played Mariachi music to keep them in a celebratory mood. To be honest, I really liked having the music on, I had to refrain from dancing around the tables!

I had a fantastic day teaching our little wonders about the Day of the Dead!


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