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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What do little minds worry about??

I think it's important for children to be aware of their emotions, and of the situations that evoke certain ones. Today, as part of our values program, we talked about all the things that make us worry.

I told the little wonders a story about a little bumble bee who was always feeling worried. He was worried about being stepped on, not collecting enough pollen, and about accidentally stinging someone! 

This prompted children to share times when they have felt worried. I must say it was very cute hearing about the things that my little darlings worry about, getting lost in the supermarket, the dark, being home alone (hate to think my 7-8 year olds are left home by themselves), hurting themselves and worrying that their family is ok. 

As an independent activity the kids drew their own 'Worry Bee' and surrounded it with times they feel worried. Very cute!

P.S. We introduced afternoon fruit breaks today and it was amazing! The little wonders were so much more focused on their afternoon lessons, it was great to see!


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