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Monday, 21 July 2014

Let there be babies!

Week 2 of term 3 already! This year sure has flown, I can't believe we're half way through!
It's amazing to see just how far my little wonders have come in their learning.
Soooo last week we had some very exciting and very cute new additions to our little school family.

I know most of you are probably picturing the adult plovers and their screeching and swooping, and thinking 'why is this exciting news?' Well since late last term my little ones have been watching a mother plover sit on her eggs day in and day out, through hail and rain and wind, and never once leaving them. They even suggested, during a particularly rough hail storm, that we go out and put a box over the plover to protect it. Precious!
As you can imagine we came back to school hoping extremely hard to see babies and we did! I don't think I've ever seen 21 tiny bodies move as quickly as they did when they ran to the window to see the baby chick. They spent a lot of the day staring at this teeny tiny little bird, that would have been only a day or so old. As we were watching the male bird would give out a warning call, and if the chick was out from underneath it's mother, would drop to the ground an stay completely still and camouflaged until it was safe to get up. 

The next day we came back to school and of course the first thing we did was check on the plover and her chick....well weren't we surprised when we found there were 3 chicks!!! 3 amazingly cute and active little baby plovers. 

Aren't they the cutest little things you've ever seen?!
It wasn't long after the little ones were walking and exploring the yard that the mum and dad decided to move them to the empty paddock on the other side of the fence. A wise move on their behalf. 
It's our turn to run assembly this week, and my little ones have decided that we are going to include an informative talk on plovers, their babies, and their behaviours. I thought it was a very cute idea :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the new term!

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  1. They are very cute! What a great topic to do your assembly piece on, too!!

    Luck's Little Learners