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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Meet Who? Meet Me! Monday Link Up

Hi all!
I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying your beautiful summer weather, and for those of you (along with me) in the middle of winter, I hope you are enjoying wearing scarves and boots as much as I am :)

I'm linking up (yet again!) with the Teaching Tribune for their winter summer bloggin' link up. 

1. Did anyone else have Polly Pockets growing up? Not the big ones they have today, the tiny little ones that flip open to reveal the cutest little people ever! My sister and I had the most amazing collection, and have managed to hang on to them all. 

2. I've never really thought of this before. My sister and I don't have middle names so as a child I came up with a lot of options for that lol, but never first names. I chose Charlotte because for some reason Charlotte from Sex and the City popped into my theres the reasoning behind that. 

3. This has happened to me once so far in my career, and I hope for it to never happen again. I've become quite good at determining the legitimacy of sickness, and I usually adopt the opinion of 'better safe than sorry' when it comes to sick children. 

4. Soooooo this is officially one of my new favourite movies. If you haven't already seen it I STRONGLY recommend you watch it immediately! Peter Lake is by far one of my favourite male leads, and converted me to a Colin Farrell fan.

5. I am the youngest in my family, which growing up I hated, but now am glad of. I have a sister named Toyah who is 14 months older than me. We fought like cats and dogs growing up but are now as close as can be. I have a brother, Adam, who is 7 years older than me and has given me the most amazing niece EVER! I also have a half brother, Rob, who lives in Ireland (where Toyah is currently visiting) and a half sister, Jodie, who lives in SA with her family. 

6. Who doesn't love McDonald's hash browns?!? 

I'm ooking forward to learning more about my fellow bloggers :)


  1. Polly Pockets! Oh my goodness! I absolutely played with them when I was little. I think the one I had was heart-shaped. I wonder why they would make Polly Pockets bigger? That was one of the cool things about them.
    Sarah :) from Mrs. Jones Teaches

  2. My sister had a ton of Polly Pockets...I am telling my age, but they weren't around when I was a But I thought my sisters were super cool! I had every barbie and accessory you could get. It is wonderful you are close with your siblings. Nothing beats family!

    Luv My Kinders

  3. I loved Polly Pockets!! Haven't thought about them in a while. I, unfortunately, didn't hang on to any of them.
    Hash browns are yum!

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. How good were they Jemima! Toys these days are no way near as good, too many bells and whistles lol